Safety Library and Links

1- Medical Examiner Registry – This Medical Examiner’s Registry is produced and updated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  The doctors listed on this site are those doctors who have been deemed by the FMCSA to be qualified to perform DOT Medical Exam/Physicals and issue medical cards to DOT Regulated drivers. (Physician are required to be qualified as of May 21, 2014.)

2- TVC Driver Legal Services

3– The Unsafe Driving Acts of Motorists In the Vicinity of Large Trucks

4- Enforcement Personnel on the Lookout for Unsafe Commercial and Passenger Vehicle Drivers During Operation Safe Driver Week, July 15-21

5- Defeating Distracted Driving

Drivers Monthly S&C Training

We are excited to announce the monthly safety and compliance training has now been uploaded in the new training website. 

Moving forward, the monthly trainings will be exclusively on the Infinit-i website:
Drivers will need their user name and password to sign in, start the video, and take the test. Once the driver completes the training with the required score of 100%, a certificate of completion will be generated. For instructions on how drivers can get started, please contact your local location.

RememberEmployee, temp drivers, fleet owners, independent contractors, and sub-contractors are required to complete the monthly trainings to remain in compliance.

Drivers Safety Quarterly Newsletters

Driver Safety Resource Center

Please note that some information provided will require a password in order to access it. If you do not have a password and one is requested, please contact your local dispatcher for assistance.

Information requiring a password for access is proprietary to Crane Cartage LLC and is only intended for use by those that are authorized for access. Once information has been downloaded, it is the responsibility of the recipient to continue to protect the privacy of the information provided. No distribution to other parties is authorized.

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